Friday, 1 March 2013

Infinity’s Evolving Strata and Life Generated, Universe Genesis Theory

First Draft


Firstly, I am not a theist. I do not believe in a god. I have had no solipsistic, divine interventions define my life or belief structure. I would say, that I am a curious agnostic, curious in the possibility of . . . and I am not trying to prove or disprove, simply explore possibilities.

Axiological Stance

Infinity by my definition includes all, as in everything: meaning there is only one true physical Infinity. Of course Infinity can be chopped up into sections which from a subjective POV possess infinite properties, or certain directions can be taken infinitely; but for me, shall we say, Absolute Infinity is quite simply All—and everything: as in "Infinity" is by nature an all-encompassing and totally singular state.

Where there is one thing there is another. Outside that something must be something more. Something cannot be made of nothing, so inevitably there is a continuation of existence as far as any eye could ever see. And in correlation to this assumption that our plane/stratum is infinite in size, any other plane/stratum (viewpoint of a differing scale) is also infinite in size, as they are all viewpoints of a common—and indeed interlinked Infinity.

I see our Visible Universe as a/one POV constituent within one zone of a three zone existence (taken from human perspective), of which there is our scale (let’s just say atom to edge of visible universe as an example of being one constituent), there is infrascopic scales (zooming in as with a microscope on matter to the infinitesimal, like a Mandelbrot zoom ad infinitum) and there is suprascopic scales (which are say a sea of trillions of universes making up a multiversal blanket which could be viewed all at once but then zooming out further until the blanket becomes but a spot in a collection of blankets and then) zooming out infinitely: I would see the latter as the diametric opposite of the infinitesimal. I would see the scale of human perspective stratum as just one layer in an infinite stratigraphy of POVs at different zoom functions.

So basically, a stratigraphically layered structure to Infinity at different scales.  

So our Visible Universe is, in effect, a POV bubble that resides within an infinite stratum on our scale which in turn is one layer in the stratigraphical construct of All (we know there are layers by what is testable in quantum physics and chemistry) but these layers are dictated by the scale of vision of the beholder. 

It also needs to be said that the human POV is of course not necessarily limited to the visible universe, but one is able to travel infinitely (in theory) along the human POV stratum whatever that may turn out to be, without changing scale, just moving the bubble's centre as one travels in any direction through an infinite single universe (infinite zone of matter or protomatter areas of expansion and contraction) or multiverse—this is only categorisation. 


Life itself holds the key to unification of all theories. Existence that functions under a large-volume encompassing Laws of Physics is usually formed by life itself, that creates life/organised material existence from within. Life will emulate the quantum within its macro to create/develop/control larger systems. For organised existence or life to exist, there statistically almost always is orchestration from within; orchestration led by an intelligence that is on a far more evolutionarily developed standing. This is the governance of life/existence on the subjective POV plane/stratum, by life on a sub-strings (or other similar structuralisation) level/stratum.

In this paper I shall attempt to explore the above idea and develop scenarios in which this, and theories related to this, could in a purely theoretical way, play out.

People inevitably search, for meaning in the universe, for a unification of all sorts of theories that we all love to insist cannot be brought together. What if one theory could bring faith, belief, science and understanding of the Universe/Multiverse and beyond seamlessly forwards in one union of matter in thought?

Theories of multiple universes, or a Multiverse, have been formulated in many forms but my theory is an extrapolation of the potential nature of a sea of neighbouring universes/protomatter stretching out into Infinity.


Life itself is the key. Life begets life. Imagine if you will the scale of matter. We ourselves are made up of atoms and atoms of quarks etc. then possibly strings or some other basis constructions of matter. But what do these constructs consist of? Surely, it is not possible for something to be made of nothing? So if this holds then there is material/structures going downwards in scale, so to speak, ad infinitum. A chain of scale that logically never ends. Also apply this idea to scales larger than our subjective POV plane/stratum.

Our universe is one of many (or at least part of a materiel that is possible to convert or can convert itself to a universe-type state). This is my assumption, that existence is endless and consists of something; as the idea of non-infinity is absurd. So where there is one there is more (at the least the potential for more) and so on.

What would these multiple universes/zones make up? As in when you have say a trillion universes clumped together and then you zoom out your viewpoint to a (I will call) higher suprascopic plane, when you look down at the whole that these universes make up, what is it that you would see?

Now the basic premise of the theory is quite simple, though the application is more complex.

Life, once evolved to a certain state of control in our/a universe, is then able to control all factors of that said universe. Once a total orchestration of matter and universal collapse and expansion is attained, and also the ability to leave the universe, then life is at a stage where it can not only reproduce exactly that which already exists in the universe they are in (sentience-made super-constructs), but actually move out of, and into a new area, or cause the creation of a new universe (if needed) and then colonise that universe bringing it into line with the level of control attained in the mother universe.
So imagine a mother universe has now succeeded in seeding into the proto-matter (chaotic matter with potential to order) on its own visible scale stratum a new universe; and this seeding process of course accelerates as the offspring reaches maturation and reproduces itself, a system constantly learning more effective methods—this spread of universes through the protomatter brings a new equilibrium into an unorganized chaos with life being the catalyst, conductor and parent all rolled into one.

When the amounts of universes under the new control system/sequencing reach a critical point they use their new-found organisation to trigger a new big bang but this time not on their scale but on the next scale up, the suprascopic stratum. As they group this new universe (matter/protomatter of the suprastratum) into any and all imagined structures they envisage (maybe along the lines of the different constructs proposed by string theorists or other) this reordination triggers an amazingly quick and violent expansionist-construction within the suprastratum: condensed disorder coalescing out into ordered matter. Of course, to the basis universes involved (in the infrascopic of new universe), the time it takes for this expansion to occur seems almost infinite, but when you look at the structures that the clumping/organising universes are forming up on the next scale, in an existence where new atoms (or the like) are forming, the expansion is rapid and explosive just as we envisage a conventional bigbang in our universe.

Life itself has created a new universe on the suprascopic scale through an Emersonianistic advancement, balanced according to its own design; a universe that is of a larger scale, yet with predetermined laws of physics balanced to perfection to allow life again to develop to omega-point; in fact, the workings of the interactions within this supraverse (Supraverse= Universe composed of multiple miniscule Universes in comparison to said Supraverse’s scale; Multiple Universes that are standardized and organized into a Standardized-Multiverse) are under the control, of in the order of, (how many—ballpark) strings/constituent constructions composed of life dominated universes on the lower level.

The state that exists pre life’s reordination of the suprascopic stratum is a three dimensional expanse of matter which is in what I would refer to as a proto-matter state, which is the barebones of Infinity. In its default state, it is simply matter in an extremely condensed and/or chaotic form that follows no rules, self-evolved or imposed. It just simply is. It is from this state that pockets of matter can expand, evolve into universes and either spontaneously big-bang into a randomised universe with randomised laws of physics (with organisation evolving itself into a state of stability see “Something from Nothing” below), or be manipulated into order by an evolving stratum hopping creative source/spread of life: unorganised matter of Infinity ordered toward a big bang with relevant properties for life.

I envisage the universes being reproduced by life on the same scale stratum they are existing on, once controlled and designed in such a way—using omega-structures they have to create—are manipulated to facilitate repulsive and connective forces that bond together multiple universes (maybe even some simpler smaller bond universes) which allow different string-type constructions with different forms and different oscillations to generate organisation in the suprascopic universe.

Periods of growth—acquirement of more matter—are orchestrated by converting protomatter/non-reordinated matter into a state of common synchronisation through replication with, maybe, Universe Entanglement; also allowing for altered copies with only certain elements synchronised/entangled—as needed. After sufficient growth has occurred along the subjective stratum for creative-sourcing the supraverse: in this phase a shift to string-type structure occurs: increasingly complex with an evolutionarily based, spreading communion within the infraversal blanket. With life becoming eternally more complex/clever to maintain the growth outwards into infinity on their own scale stratum, with the aim of perpetually moving the frontier of evolving matter (indivisible from life) upwards in scale through suprascopic stratigraphical layers.

Suggested Life Cycle:

1, Humans
2, Super-tech galaxial-scale omega-structures/organelles
3, Control of universe (omega point)
4, Clumping/bonding of universes to make supra-scale strings/structuralisations (alpha point)
5, Matter in various alignments brings coherence to a suprascopic quantum world
6, Atoms diverge and build molecules
7, Genetic molecules evolve themselves
8, Creation of life
9, Evolution of life
10, Intellectual sentience

So the proof would be that if we do reach an omega-point, or indeed it is possible for our universe to have life reach an omega point (I am defining omega point as meaning a Life that has control over its own visible universe and has ability to physically move beyond), with suprascopic matter ordering possible, then it is statistically more likely we are in a chain and not an inceptive universe.  

From chaos of matter comes order. With consciousness comes organisation. Consciousness can be and statistically is more likely to be the source of consciousness on any given stratum:

If matter has true properties of infinity, if it could be possible that life is able to transcend the boundaries of universes and control and manipulate matter (protomatter) on a multiversal scale (with development of supra-realms possible), then it is statistically more likely that we live in an existence that has been created from within than live in an inceptive universe (one that creates its own life from scratch by random—evolution from chaos—chance as needs to happen at source) as the former is likely exponentially more abundant, and surely once life dominates then moves beyond its universe and starts to meddle with matter on supra-scales, the possibility of affecting an existence on a suprascopic scale makes the inevitable chain created by stacked versions of the life-cycle above, possible. And this in turn ensures most life begins from previous life instead of by chance;  because, for every chain there would be only one nascency from chaos to organisation: So the chances of our being in an inceptive universe (where matter evolves as it expands randomly), against chances of being in a chain of life generated genesis (where each stratum is destined to reach omega-point), against chances of being in a universe that is doomed to failure (that has spontaneously expanded with life within not reaching omega-point).

Of course, the fact that Infinity’s nature dictates that there will be infinite amounts of inceptive universes, and infinite amounts of created universes, does not negate the fact that any measured expanse of universes that contain both of these types will always contain more created than inceptive as inceptives spawn multiple chains of created. This density differential creates, not a fixed ratio, as the length of a said chain has an infinite amount of possible lengths which can manifest as one or more up to filling the full number of stratigraphical layers within a specified volume (volume is not only spatially defined but also scale defined to be limited to nothing bigger than and nothing smaller than (though the nothing bigger than is already defined by the spatial volume, whereas the nothing smaller than would have to be specifically defined (minimum-scale-fixed-volume))), whilst inceptives are restricted to the levels of spontaneous incremental occurrences within a certain amount of universes within given volume. I suppose, if one is talking about a specific volume which doesn’t have a nothing smaller than limit, only the inherent nothing bigger than bestowed by limiting to a certain volume then the question of infinite amounts of createds to inceptives becomes more troublesome to reconcile, but said area will always still have a density of occurrence ratio in line with aforementioned because as one would move through said volume the occurrences would speak for themselves (difference between a POV position and a volume with infinite properties).  

Something from Nothing: Source of the Source

So maybe, a chaotic start point which is the protomatter basis of Infinity, that from stratum to stratum self-evolves a process of organised control by random and chaotic interactions. Generations of randomised LOPs slowly honing and evolving incrementally from a simple to an organised state, respective stratum by respective stratum, iteration by iteration. In this mode chaos can be the basis of an increasing in scale—level by level—stratigraphical chain because the increments need not be great as they have infinite regressive history potential.

So the leap from chaos to fully fledged universe/existence need not be an instantaneous leap but a cascade of self organisation of matter upwards in scale through strata culminating in a mode of physics as ours (or at least with omega-point potential for life within); but not necessarily finishing there, as maybe a new and more advanced law of physics could be projected into a suprastratum.

So what is the chances our universe was created under this evolving chaos/protomatter up through the stratigraphical layers schema? Statistically more chance than the idea matter arranged itself just right in one iteration?

Also, any given minimum-scale-fixed-volume having the tendency to become more saturated with chains would remove space for inceptives to develop and get going.

Putting aside Life Generated Genesis for one moment: If we compare two examples:

1, A universe spontaneously coalescing with fully formed LOPs, where no incremental cause and effect history chain is present.

2, A universe being the product of said incremental cause and effect history chain, product of protomatter evolving gradually stratum by stratum.

What is more probable: spontaneousness, or incrementalism?

And if we decide the incrementalist view is more promising, then we have to concede that Life Generated Genesis could be a possibility too?

Offshoots and/or attempted clarifications:

1, Informational transfer between strata

Some may ask why aren’t blueprints/schematics for new technology or developments not passed upwards from infrascopic realms to frontier bubbles/universes to aid and maintain growth? I would say: Why would they be as evolution itself generates all of the thought processes required to attain universal domination to kick start the ascendance of life. Evolution of technology happens as it needs to; at as fast a rate as it should, with the civilisations acquiring scientific enlightenment from the creative sources ministrations over matter (maintenance of laws of physics); a very direct form of informational transfer. Every action that can accelerate the evolution of complexity of matter is already happening in most ergonomic sequence possible. Every hard lesson evolves social evolution with technology feedback as best it can.

2, Cephalised Universe

A control of the mechanisms of a universe must be controlled to prevent a possible collapse, this spurs the peoples of a said universe to build an understanding/evolution of organelles to help facilitate maintenance, but only once under universal standardization is a common nucleated system installed for multiple universes/areas of visible universes.

Universes start to get filled up with matter as intelligent life maintains them (converting all and any forms of existence into whatever is required). To prevent gravitational collapse great structures are used to hold the universe in stability.

Humankind/intelligent-sentients/advanced life become the cephalised head of the intelligence requirements.

A diversity of thought is maintained through separate factions but without competition for resources as all movements are interconnected and orchestrated with the whole in mind.

A cephalised centre of knowledge requires leadership in the form of a super-sentient intelligence attained by a pooling of all knowledge into super-link/brain?

What form will stimulus take to convey information back to the hub, central nervous system, sense organs, effector organs, entangled cognitive zones etc.

For energy to be conserved and not just wasted life must look at its own ability to store energy and realise that energy needs to be stored in biological/engineered-matter constructs. This will slow the expansion of the universe giving more time to develop methods for future, and stabilise the dark matter etc.

When hummankind has dominated the available space we must learn to maintain it as organelles maintain a cell. Must organise and re-assimilate energy to form new stars. We will be able to travel through the membrane from universe to universe if we are filling a need that the universe recognises and requires. If we arrange matter with the required precision we will turn a macroscopic dead universe into a living thing.

3, Could IESLGUG happen without complicity?

As the deeper details of such a schema are undoubtedly as speculative as the schema itself, many different possible balances could be out there in an infinite sea of protomatter/chaos/areas of organised matter=Existence. Whether intentionalism or determinism are part of this magnification of process is interesting. Would the infra-scale sentients be necessarily aware of what they create on the larger scale? Could the organisation on supra-scales just be a by-product of sentience-organized reality on infra-scales? If the omega-point of life is to overwhelmingly organised and synchronise matter and space could it be possible for IESLGUG to be an unseeable and unwittingly produced physical corollary?

4, Constantly colonising infra-realms

Once a universe is created on a supra-scale, the multiversal arrangements that make up this universe will have to spread/colonise outwards along their POV stratum far enough that by the time the universe is ready to expand its influence the matter will be primed from within: all action on infra-scale is by its nature synced with next scale up.  So as the supra-scale universe creates or seizes control of a neighbour the infra seize many more universes on their own level to create another with waves of control (both of these actions are one and the same and indivisble.

As the universe is evolving, the inner realms are spreading through the protomatter, priming it for when the race are able to reproduce their universe? When the reproduction is inevitable the race finds that the protomatter has exactly the correct characteristics (as their universe did) to allow the formation of a new universe toward a big bang? Or, the mechanism of spread is as outlined in paragraph above: the spread on one level is indivisible from the spread on another as all are one and the same (how does a deeply embedded infra-blanket keep up with the distant supraverse’s expansion? Surely, as the chain gets longer it becomes harder and harder to compute increasingly swift and larger scale expansions? No, because the velocity of subjective time per each scale maintains a balance?)

Universal standardization: they seize control and standardize enough universes to cause an expansion eg. Big bang amongst the slumbering matter. (The surrounding matter isn’t at first protected from the rapid expansion of volume of its neighbouring substance but later as multiple universes have the possibility of detrimental interaction they are protected by newly established circles of influence which buffer and exist beyond possible expansion areas.)
The inert matter has to be given laws (nature from within) to follow for it to work, and when this happens they start to react against each other in a different way to create the expansion. Once the supra-universe is born, some inner-universes are chosen/inevitably are to be life creators, with entanglement etc.

A constant controlled expansion happens throughout the levels, also all levels grow whilst seizing additional universes. The expansion of the newly created universes on a lower level supplies the flexibility for the expansion on the upper level, proportionately. With watersheds needing to be met before new universes can emerge. The speed at which inner realms have to accumulate is relative to POV. The speed on lower scales being massively accelerated to higher scales, and yet manageable as to the subjective observer/contributor the speed is normal/slow, methodical and intentioned.

5, Cause and effect histories

One question to pose towards my theory would be: what about cause and effect? Wouldn’t cause and effect propagate upwards from stratum to stratum in effect causing a potentially infinite history for any action undertaken? Not necessarily for every single movement of matter, but certainly a cause and effect chain is formed by the evolution of matter upwards in scale through the stratigraphical layers.

Ideas to consider:

a, Cause and effect propagates upwards as every action of movement is orchestrated from within. The actions of matter in infra-states are your actions. You are free to instigate any action your whim dictates but those actions have been orchestrated from within, and propagated upwards in scale over eons. The idea of infinite histories for specific singular effects is an interesting one. And surely if this was to happen then there is the potential for effects to cascade back downwards in scale too?

b, Cause and effect up and down through scales is not staggered i.e. the same matter is being influenced so cause and effect is instantaneous, and without delay, so the idea of histories doesn’t apply.

c, There is no transfer of momentum, as in forces of any kind, because the forces are not of a relevant resolution to pass across from stratum to stratum. Wavelengths/gravitational effects etc. are too large to effect infrascopic activities?

d, Cause and effect is manifest certainly in the ordination of LOPs; as in, the cascade of life effecting suprascales is itself a cause and effect chain with its own histories.

e, Quantum mechanical systems act as a buffer to stop transference of cause and effect.

6, Can a LOPs (Laws of Physics) remain stable without intelligent orchestration from within?

Does this depend upon the complexity, fixedness and extent of volume under the effects of the subject laws of physics (the complexity of th LOPs themselves)? As in, the organisation requirements to perpetuate the given state of matter.

The ability of Laws of Physics to self-stabilise from the chaos of protomatter would seem to be an essential requirement for life to get going and then propagate upwards through the stratigraphical layers. Is it possible for life to be the source of Infinity itself? How can something complex exist without having been constructed first from basis materiel?

7, Opposing, expanding infra-realms

When two different expanding Life-bubbles overlap within the chaos does war ensue?

Is war manifest within infra-realms themselves already by looking at the struggle between opposing forces of matter/life? Cancers, and diseases etc.

1, I suppose this all depends upon the level of control an infrascopic source has over the suprascopic universe; upon the propagation of cause and effect; upon a setting the LOPs and watching them run or an involved in everything bottom up approach. Does it have to be an “or”? Maybe both are the same method and indivisible as the supramatter involved is the inframatter involved.

2, Informational transfer between physical realms is the method of choice as the inframatter attached to certain volumes of supramatter move in and out of physical bodies in the suprascopic, so if additional and/or running control is required for said bodies then specialised volumes are able to transfer themselves through matter. Or the string/constructions that constitute supramatter don’t shift or move their basis as the veil of the macro physical move ain and out of said bodies.

The level of, and nature of control would seem like minutia, but this has real relevance for freewill and predestination.

Is life’s/an existence’s chances of reaching an omega-point contingent on the opposition and battle between converging infra-realms? As in a multitude of different infra-universes’ melanges allowing a stratum hopping evolution to be more likely than total domination by one Life-bubble. I’d say either or . . .

If direct control over macro matter systems is the goal then waves of different infrascopic conglomerations for differing purposes; organisational and levels thereof, that spread across un-organization, creating not only life, but collectively laws of physics to organise matter using strings/ atoms, would be required. If it is a set-up and watch it run, whilst being every aspect of it, but without direct manipulation, then simply stabilising the LOPs and maintaining this stabilisation would be enough.

Also, the issue of opposing life driven chains’s scales not being in alignment might add a difficult dimension to competitiveness on the same scale? As in not being able to compete or go to war because their sensing each other is restricted by their differing scales. Though I suppose just seeking to expand into the same volume will cause frictions and this disparity in compatibility can be transcended/amended by manipulation.

8, Infinite potential within the infrascopic renders schema impossible?

Would there be in any given volume of existence infinite potential for emergence of life bubbles in the infrascopic? Yes. But the way in which touching bubbles would be unable to overlap each other would mean that most would be pared out of the volume leaving a finite number to compete in said volume on the respective subjective scale. So realistically the first schema to reach a certain zone would have to be able to block the advancement (or at least drive it to converge with (or be assimilated by) the prior inhabitation); this would all add to the drive upwards in scale.
So the potential for a chaos not dissimilar to the actual chaos basis would be controlled: an infinitely organised from within chaos that is unable to express itself as life bubbles spread in confliction.

But, in addition to the above: would there would be no area of protomatter available at any one time because of the infinite potential of a volume’s infrarealms to produce life bubbles, so a constant struggle between Life bubbles would exist with no gaps between. Universes being back-to-back at all points in space except the suprascopic that we thrust into. No, because despite infinite potential being a concern, the chances that any life bubble that is emerging from the infrascopic in any given volume actually emerging at the same time as every other whilst observing a view, emerging all at the same time is low. The Infinity may be infinite, but it is an inifinite expanse of subjective volumes that can be infinitely far apart; as in it takes time for propagation across Infinity so it can’t all happen simultaneously in he same volume: dispersal factor.

Also, if there was an infinite potential for life bubbles to have consumed any volume already before another life bubble: would this mean existence is impossible? No. Only one life-bubble can be at any one point/column in the stratigraphy at a time, so despite peripheral conflict such existences would be self-protective/perpetuating. A life bubbble can’t be in the same volume as another as they are orchestrated from within. There is the potential to come across a beginning of a chain which would mean conflict. There is also the potential a beginning of a chain will delve into its infrascopic in an attempt to cover its tail; this again would cause conflict between bubbles. So the picture is one of chaotic and organised expanses of existence/All.

One has to remember one is dealing with Infinity. Any thing can happen within its expanse. Any, either and all possible modes will be findable. But the nature of its structuralisations allows its possibility to be structured; and the dispersal of chance throughout Infinity means there will be clogged zones, but there will always be the potential for spaced out instances of life-bubbles and expanses of unorganised protomatter.

9, Expansion and contraction of protomatter

Volumes of protomatter move chaotically/fluctuate in a perpetual motion; simplistically: expanding and contracting continually. If banded together to make constituents of a suprascopic orchestration their type, behaviour, shape, movement etc. is dictated by the nature of their state. So if in chaotic motion how can anything but chaos or very close to total chaos be seeded up into the suprascopic stratum? The stabilisation of universes, not only in their contents but also, in their projections to the external is key to what can be built from them. This stabilisation has to happen from within. Prevention of big-crunch or endless expansion until impacting other protomatter etc. In the infrascopic (as in what we would need to do to reach an omega point with our universe; not to say our infrascopic zones even have such organisations) are high concentrations of matter, as in a conversion from dark matter, dark energy, or entropised energy, required? Would too high levels of matter cause a gravitational collapse (as in more and more energy gets tied up within matter causing the universe to collapse) so organisation to prevent this is needed as in a stabilising factor/system? (or a schema much more complex in the rebalancing of energy/matter).

The ordering of universes into a basis for the suprauniverse requires an inner ordering of the universes themselves. Internal structures created to control oscillations and bonds/bonding between them so they may form differing structures with differing properties. Super-galaxies, galaxies or whatever omega-structures produced or deemed to be neded for universe control. Different matter types are converted to relevant matter types, on large scales, to allow sufficient structuring of the universe/localised protomatter: to create the type of the universe and the bonds required to create strings.

Growth and contraction of protomatter zones is an untamed, raw incoherent system that must be checked into a controlled oscillation expansion/contraction system that aids the basis formation/control.

These internal giant structures must be maintained to ensure the rigidity/flexibility of the bonds act according to the bonding needed.

10, Exchanges/connections between layers

a, Reincarnation/prelife/afterlife

Entangled universes within all atoms (infrascopic) controlled by a population that is the source pool for all life on level above. Genes are expressed in creatures of universe. Worthy/correct genes align with genes in creatures. When a certain genetic structure breeds then the closest corresponding structure from within comes forth though simplified. All memories are lost of lower realm but are reinstalled on death/return. All seek to be on the frontier as it frees there consciousness from the knowledge of samety on the bottom layers that just spiral down infinitely and bore, failed genetic lines fall down levels and take time to come back up if ever. Heaven and hell are just constructs of the mind. True heaven and hell quantified by hierarchical structure of genes rising and falling from the frontier

Heaven is your minds summation of your life at moment of death etc. final judgement is accounted for when u die and return to the lower level, has some influence over where you find yourself/how far from the frontier/

Inner families create need in upper plane to procreate and it their mission to make one viable for this so that their genes, family can carry on. The great families vie for the ability to live. If a genetic line ends it also ends within.

The sheep on the lower level wait for their opportunity to rise to the frontier, as sentients sleep they can either move backwards into themselves whilst dreaming so the lower level have a taste of their bodies on our level a taste of the sensation of life and therefore giving them a thirst for birth into the upper level or do they just have a taste of the dream world created by the sentient on our level or may be the dream world is a battle ground for most powerful sheep to be able to transcend into the physical body once they have achieved a victory in this entertainment world.

Atomic cycling: the soul that is you transcends to you from matter within yet this matter cycles and there is no guarantee that you will get back to your previous existence in death, maybe only an entangled version, or not at all. So as all atoms in the human body cycle through the surrounding environment, maybe there is something deeper which doesn’t cycle, something which is pinned to and stays with us; like quantum genetical link to the materiel we consist of below the known physical.

What effect does initial genetic imprint have on your body in next realm?

Well the genetic code from infra is the closest match to codes of you in supra-realm (random mutations on conception influenced by internal codes). Millions/billions to choose from etc. Pot luck? For atoms cycle. You transcend when code has fused \ egg met sperm. Closest match from atoms within egg and sperm. Tends to be identical in simpler way/less chromosomes but simpler chromosomes match. That's why memories are lost as memory ability of simpler cells is less. More advanced cells are coded in a way to store memories of past so infra-genes get more and more complicated. Except when you go back you become simpler in lower realm and start as youth again, though some memories from upper life retained and passed on subsequently in simple genes. Traditional past lies theory. So structure of lower realm is some grow older stay simpler. Each generation is more complicated as memories passed on in the genes then ascendancy does the left body die or is it used to house construct. Soul leaves and takes simpler memories of past upper lives but memories of past lower lives left and used by construct or assimilated into neural strata type collection. Only lucky ascend.

b, Memetic exchange and memetic epiphany

Flashes of illumination; clarity where a puzzle is solved by a leap of comprehension that’s source is unfindable, linking apparently unlinked variables to create a new thought. Where do these flashes come from, from the infrascopic?

11a, What would need to be entangled?

Not every universe needs to be entangled. Every string? Every carbon atom? Must contain an entangled universe?

Inside every atom in every whatever? String? There is an entanglement that is entangled like quantum entanglement to all other atoms in our universe and beyond; from here comes the genes for creatures; this allows reincarnation to occur more easily because we all are able to travel back and forth to the same place, Gods realm/level/Heaven and Hell Just at death in time for body to die? Or does this linger to the lower realm until self-imposed penance achieved, yes and only the real bad stay in Hell realm, and only the real could stay in Heaven realm, the rest go back to the populace.

Is the entanglement always there from the bigbang. Seeded before the universal expansion occurs. There is a grand scheme where atoms etc. follow what their structure dictates. Structure maintained by the standardised segments within.

11b, Big bang: infra-sourced

During the initial explosion electrons photons neutrons protons didn’t even exist, they had not clumped/structured yet under forces because the explosion at first negated forces.

All the strings of universes at first are separate but as organisation/entanglement occurs constituents of atoms form, followed by bonding of atoms to form matter which forms astral bodies. Followed by molecules which once they have reached a critical point where for the molecules to carry on increasing in complexity they must become organic, and so forth to form life, which in itself complexifies to form a global consciousness.

12, Fundamental drive of chaos

The chaos of Life-bubbles emerging and competing within the same or overlapping volumes creates the high possibility of some being swallowed up by others, much as primitive lifeforms/organelles are thought to have been swallowed up by primitive single-cells. Some life-bubbles being overpowered and destroyed or being integrated knowingly or unwittingly into existing, opposing Life-bubbles of larger scales creates a certain diversity potential.

But more specifically, what would be the basic drive of these Life-bubbles spreading into Infinity? Outwards along any subjective POV stratum and constantly upwards in scale. The drive to expand: expansionistic.

13, Holographic or physical?

Thinking of any POV life-bubble as a projection/holographic image created by the infrascopic is no different than thinking of it as physical construction. The outcome is the same. Matter is made of mostly empty space, and that which is there is simply ordinated/constructed into a designated form. To think of it as physical, or as projected holographic data that diffuses across a substrate, is simply a matter of categorisation.

Holographic supraverse: One could equate Alpha-point with prosecution of hologram/matter into supraverse. A projection from within.

14, Reversal

An advanced universe delving into the infrascopic, to create miniscule universes to dominate and control as gods, and then delve and manipulate into that universe to make it advanced enough to repeat the process ad infinitum.

15, Humankind’s importance in this speculative schema

So can humankind destroy itself if it is part of the design? Some may say our designs will stop us from self destruction, God will protect us. If the schema is correct then we are part of a design. The design doesn't stop us from destroying ourselves. Do not rely in fate as a protector and become reckless in a false arena of safety. We must always be aware of our actions. We can be nothing else as this is the design. If we all die then this is part of the evolution of matter. Who knows whether another race will discover our destruction and learn from it even slightly. Makes no difference as matter simply evolves/complexifies as life propagates upward . . .

If a tree falls when no one is around will it make a noise?


Is the life of minute proportions within infra-scales beyond all possible technology to see from a supra neighbouring stratum?

Nature of the infrascopic creative source:

All the souls that are in this linkage are one mind. Different bodies have different functions different areas of matter/life have different functions but all brain matter is connected to make an entangled super consciousness capable of controlling everything on the next level. Also, their brains constantly develop as new levels are pierced. Deep down the levels ultimate existence is alive. Like in a Mandelbrot zoom, the deeper one goes the more complexified the data is. Not necessarily. The source has to be chaos so is this a simple beginning? One could say that actually chaos is the ultimate in complexified, and that nothing can be more so, but it is unorganised. So a progression from complex chaos to organised simple, but a simple that complexifys as each subsequent stratum is accosted above—in scale—said inceptive stratum (causing a downwards in scale spread/pressure at the same time?) but ultimately never reaches the level of complexity of the original chaos; as the original chaos represents infinite complexity.

Reclaiming creation back from religion.

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